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This is the sibling site of pleroma.anduin.net. Please see the About page on pleroma.anduin.net; the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct stated there apply also here.


  1. This service and the server it's on is privately owned and operated, and is neither affiliated with nor owned or controlled by any corporate entity.
  2. It is open to whomever I, or my appointed admins and moderators, agree to provide the service to.
  3. The use of the service is subject to the Code of Conduct (see 'terms' page) and a general expectation of decency, good faith, and absence of malice.
  4. I can, at any time, for any reason, and with no prior warning, terminate the service or individual accounts on it. (I'm not saying that I will, in fact I would hate to do so, but this is my "exit clause".)
  5. The service is hosted in Oslo, Norway, and is subject to relevant local law regarding its operation. That said, I am not monitoring its content actively but am required to take action if made aware of content that, by law or otherwise, required my action.
  6. There is no guarantee of privacy for any content entering or leaving the system. The current Fediverse is not well suited for strict privacy-demanding use cases.
  7. I am making every effort to run a tight ship (and have done so since the late 90s), but nobody's perfect and no system is entirely secure.
  8. Do not post anything that you would not want me to see. I am root.
  9. No product advertising: Personal, hobby and creative products/productions are fine, but this is not an instance for generic marketing. If in doubt, ask!

For more information, please review our Terms of Use

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