Terms of Use

Terms of Service

I'm not big on legalese, nor should it be necessary. However, a few things need to be said about the use of this service (and related ones, hosted by me, upon which this service relies):

  • This service and the server it's on is privately owned and operated, and is neither affiliated with nor owned or controlled by any corporate entity.

  • It is open to whomever I, or my appointed admins and moderators, agree to provide the service to.

  • The use of the service is subject to the Code of Conduct (below) and a general expectation of decency, good faith, and absence of malice.

  • I can, at any time, for any reason, and with no prior warning, terminate the service or individual accounts on it. (I'm not saying that I will, in fact I would hate to do so, but this is my "exit clause".)

  • The service is hosted in Oslo, Norway, and is subject to relevant local law regarding its operation. That said, I am not monitoring its content actively but am required to take action if made aware of content that, by law or otherwise, required my action.

  • There is no guarantee of privacy for any content entering or leaving the system. The current Fediverse is not well suited for strict privacy-demanding use cases.

  • I am making every effort to run a tight ship (and have done so since the late 90s), but nobody's perfect and no system is entirely secure.

  • Do not post anything that you would not want me to see. I am root.

Code of Conduct

Note that the below applies to both users and content on this instance and users and content originating on other instances. It applies to communication between users on this instance and between this instance and others equally. Remote accounts or instances may be blocked from interacting with this instance without warning if they are found to be detrimental to the upholding of the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct stated here, or the safety, security or well-being of users on this instance.

Note that much of this has been borrowed from the bsd.network terms of service and adapted for this instance. A grateful shout-out to them for their hard work and general decency.

Anti-Harassment Policies

Content promoting the oppression of any marginalized group is forbidden. I will stand unapologetically in defense of these groups, and will not tolerate hateful language or harmful rhetoric directed toward groups subject to social exclusion.

Such individuals may include (but are not limited to) members of groups defined by the following:

  • ethnicity

  • gender identity and expression

  • sexual identity and orientation

  • age or physical characteristics

  • disability or illness

  • immigrant or refugee status

  • health, wealth or educational status

  • nationality, residency or citizenship status

  • faith, or lack thereof

Expressly forbidden content and conduct

  • Content threatening any marginalized group or individual, or encouraging self-violence or self-harm.

  • Conduct promoting the ideologies of fascism, National Socialism, white supremacy or other extremist, violent or xenophobic viewpoints.

    • Symbols and slogans associated with these groups should not be used casually or in a joking fashion, and may result in removal from the service at the discretion of the staff.

  • Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has requested for said engagement to cease.

    • Inciting other users to engage with this user (brigading) will result in removal from the service. If it is clear to the staff, even if not explicitly stated, that a user wishes for engagement to cease, continued engagement may be considered harassment.

  • Stalking and doxing will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Please report either behavior immediately to a moderator.

  • Actions intended to damage the performance of this instance, as well as advocating or inciting others to do so to this or other instances.

  • Intentionally misgendering or deadnaming individuals.

  • Content illegal in Norway.

  • Creation of an account for the specific purpose of evading bans, mutes or blocks on another instance or another Anduin.net account. This will result in permanent loss of access to this instance.

Best Practices

Use of the tools provided for accessibility and consideration of other users is encouraged. Alt-text captioning is recommended on image/video posts. Content warnings should be used freely, including (but not limited to) use on potentially distressing or controversial topics. Boosting the content of others should only be used to show appreciation or increase visibility, never in an attempt to harass or intimidate the poster or incite others to do so. Providing credit for creative works is encouraged.

The use of content warnings is recommended for any automated cross-posting services. Please consider setting any such posts unlisted by default. Well-behaved, curated and clearly-labeled bot accounts are permitted, but flooding of the local timeline may result in removal and restrictions on content will still apply. Please consider a different instance for unattended or high-volume automated accounts.

Users who do automate cross-posts are expected to remain active participants in the community. Accounts existing primarily to serve as a mirror of another source may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

It is not the responsibility of any user to explain the rules of this instance to another. If an argument arises, any questions about rule interpretation should be referred to a moderator, and interaction about the point should then cease.

Uninvited comments about another user's personal choices, lifestyle or family are strongly discouraged and may be considered harassment.

Inappropriate sexual attention, comments about appearance and implication of physical contact will never be tolerated toward any non-consenting user.

All nudity, sexually-explicit content, gore or violent content should be tagged or hidden from the public timeline. No sexualized content featuring children, even artist depictions, will be tolerated.

We strongly recommend content about politics, current events and any disturbing topics be given a content warning out of respect for the other users of this instance and the fediverse at large.

Additional Policies

If a violation of these rules requires further investigation to make a determination, the moderators reserve the right to choose to act immediately to protect potential victims of misconduct and the community at large.

Content on this instance should not be used for the purposes of machine learning or other "research" purposes without the explicit consent of the users involved.

Content on this instance beyond this page should not be archived or indexed wholesale by automated means by any user or service. Active users may export their following lists and post content through the web interface.

Spam accounts will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

Suspected impostor/parody accounts may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

Accounts suspected of camping or remaining idle for excessive periods may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.